Where can I buy Dare Iced Coffee?

Head on over to our product pages and click on 'Availability' to find out more!

Can we get Dare Iced Coffee overseas?

As much as we'd love to share the delicious taste of Dare Iced Coffee with the rest of the world, we're flat out making sure the Dare fans of Australia have enough to keep them satisfied. If you're reading this overseas, we'll keep some on ice for when you come Down Under!

Where can I buy Dare Iced Coffee in bulk?

Sadly for Dare fans we don't sell in bulk to the public. However, get in contact with your local store – they might be able to give you a hand!

What is Dare Cold Brew?

Dare Cold Brew tastes unlike anything you’ve tried before. It is a premium iced coffee that has been crafted using three natural ingredients: fresh milk from Australian dairy farmers, 100% Arabica cold-brewed coffee and a dash of raw sugar.

How is Dare Cold Brew made?

We roast 100% Arabica coffee beans, grind them, infuse them in cold water, filter through a press and then voila! We add fresh milk and raw sugar as a finishing touch. We know, fancy right?

Is Dare Iced Coffee gluten free?

You bet! The entire range of Dare Iced Coffee is gluten free.